According to numerous requests from customers, the company Micran begun to develop a shortened version of antenna system for the modern radar «REKA». The new solution will enhance the radar market power of the company due to usage of time-proved radar «REKA» on small vessels.

Over the course of many years Micran has been creating modern high-tech radar equipment. Micran’s marine radars are able to detect any surface object even in poor visibility conditions. The company aims to develop and manufacture a large variety of radar equipment, taking cue from river ship features of all types and sizes.

Presently the antenna length is 2 meters. The installation of such an antenna on small vessels is impossible; therefore, Micran took a new step forward and started to develop a shortened version of «REKA» radar.

In comparison with the 2-meter radar, the length of the shortened version is 1.2 meters, but the technical characteristics are highly competitive with predecessor’s one. The novelty aims at meeting the needs of both domestic and global market.