Complex system for TRM measurements К2М-101 A

Full Module Characterization per 45 s at 10.000 measurements

Measurements per One Connection

Customized Configuration


Анализатор цепей скалярный, 0,01…4 ГГц с опцией «01P»

The PPM К2М-101 parameter measurement system allows to measure PCB parameters on a continuous and impulse base. S-Parameter, Noise Figure and IP3 measurements are made on a continuous base. S-Parameter, PSS and compression level, output power, and transient processes measurements are made on impulse base.
The key parts of PPM K2M-101 are manufactured on Micran’s facilities, thus guaranteeing a range of following advantages:
  • Full Component Compatibility
  • High Operating Speed due to Internal Improvements
  • Highly-Optimized Algorithms
  • Hardware Control


Complex system for TRM measurements К2М-101 A