Scalar network analyzers calibration kits

Torque and supporting wrenches for high repeatability of measurement results

Insulator with low dielectric permittivity and increased strength

Budget-friendly sets for one-port calibration of VAC are available


Анализатор цепей скалярный, 0,01…4 ГГц с опцией «01P»

N3M kits are used for calibration of scalar and vector network analyzers in 7.0/3.04 mm and 3.5/1.52 coaxial paths. The kits include mismatched loads and attenuators. Each load may be used as VSWR standard or as reflection standard. Attenuators are used as transmission coefficient standards. Selected rated values of calibration kit elements provide testing of wide variety of analyzers. Each accessory of the kit is described in table – transmission coefficient or reflection coefficient vs. frequency. Description files are stored on CD or USB flash drive supplied with the kit. Description procedure is performed with vector network analyzer. To achieve high repeatability of measurements for connected accessories, the kit includes torque wrench and support wrench. Bodies and nuts of loads and attenuators are made of stainless steel, and central conductors are made of tempered beryllium bronze.  All central conductors are plated with wearproof gold. Low dielectric permeability and high strength insulation is applied.


Scalar network analyzers calibration kits