MMIC design center

MMIC design center

MMIC Design Center

Micran MMIC Design Center offers future-proof  customer-oriented solutions for space-related application and complex operating conditions based on different foundry processes.

  • Experience with design standards up to 100 nm.
  • Design experience of different A3B5 foundry processes.
  • Experience in RF circuit design: switches, power amplifiers, detectors, phase shifters, multifunctional chips,  frequency converters

What we do:

  • Design of single- and multi-functional MMICs based on in-house GaAs technologies 0.5 Switch pHEMT, 0.25 Power pHEMT, QPIN, QSBD and QZBD.
  • Manufacturing using both Micran’s Internal III-V Foundry capabilities and proven foundry process from leading foreign factories: OMMIC, United Monolithic  Semiconductors (UMS), WIN Semiconductors
  • On-wafer RF measurements (CW or pulse-mode IV, scattering parameters up to 110 GHz, noise figure up to 26 GHz, Load-Pull measurements up to 18 GHz)