Vector Network Analyzer R4M

Measurement of S-parameters between 10 MHz and 20 GHz

Dynamic range over 100 dB

Pulse mode measurements: point-in-pulse, pulse-profile1

Measurement of frequency converter parameters with vector calibration.

Measurement of harmonics and intermodulation products levels

Noise figure measurements

Frequency and/or power sweep of probing signal


Анализатор цепей скалярный, 0,01…4 ГГц с опцией «01P»

The R4M vector network analyzer (VNA) is used to measure S-parameters of linear one-port and two-port devices, and various characteristics of electric circuits. The R4M series VNAs are used for analyzing, tuning, testing, monitoring and manufacture of high-frequency and microwave devices used in radio electronics, communications, radars, and measurement equipment. Analyzer's operating principle is based on separate measurements of incident wave, reflected wave and wave transmitted through DUT, using directional couplers.  The R4M includes a synthesized source of probing signal and receivers of reflected signals and signals passed through DUT. Micran's VNA is computer-controlled with Graphit R4M software installed. Data interchange between VNA and PC is run via Ethernet. Multi-channel synchronization system provides joint operation of R4M and other devices. The control of R4M is run via SCPI commands making it possible to integrate the VNA into automated measurement and control systems. Due to modular architecture, which provides high integrability and configurability, R4M is a perfect solution to implement challenges. Depending on used hardware options, the analyzers are subdivided into several versions. You may add any software, hardware and combined software/hardware options to your selected version.


Vector Network Analyzer R4M


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